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Hyster Forklift Dealers - Finding the Right Dealer

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Although Hyster is a brand that began in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, there are now Hyster forklift dealers located all over the continent and beyond. These professionals are well equipped to give valuable advice to those who are in need of the best industrial tools for their industries, no matter what industry that might be. Before you make any purchase, there are several factors to take into consideration. That includes the various makes and models of Hyster lift trucks. To narrow those down, it’s a good idea to first make a list of what you will be using your fork lift for.

Hyster Forklifts

If you have a smaller or more confined warehouse space, for example, you may want a narrow-aisle model that will be able to fit through smaller spaces without knocking anything over or running into people. It can be helpful for the Hyster forklift dealers if you give them either a rough estimate or an exact count of the dimensions of your workspace, so that they are able to give you a better recommendation. The ceiling height should be included with this, as well as the height of the tallest shelf that you will need your fork lift to lift items off of.

Another thing to ask your Hyster forklift dealers about is whether they would recommend a used or new model for your needs. If you are only planning on using this forklift or lift truck for a short while, such as to move offices or  on an independent contracting site, then you may even have the option of renting it, which could save a great deal of money. However, those who plan on using their Hyster forklift for a longer period of time will probably want to instead purchase a newer model that will serve as a serious investment.

Hyster 155 Fortis Lift Truck

For investment pieces that you plan on keeping for the long term, you will want to also ask the Hyster forklift dealers about what your options are regarding service contracts, maintenance and repairs. They should be able to tell you about several different levels of warranty and other repair services that are out there at the moment, depending on any special deals that Hyster is running. If you anticipate adding accessories to your machinery, this will be something that could also be covered in a service plan. The first step is to find the dealer that is closest to your location, and work from there.
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